What is Seach Engine Optimisation??

  • The process of making your site stand out from the crowd and be noticed is a key part of a companies online presence.
  • We produce all websites with the key areas dedicated to getting the most out of each search engine listing.
  • The SEO involves the development of your website so that it can rank higher by having optimised links, keywords, and content relivant to your business in an effort to gain a better online exposure.
  • We endevour to produce good page rankings within the search engines, boost overall online presence and of course increase traffic to your site. It should be remembered however, that even though SEO can be an essential part of your online marketing campaign it will not be a 'quick fix' solution as some web design companies claim. Instead, SEO is an ongoing process that takes time to develop to its full potential.

    Analysis, Research & Marketing

  • Creating search engine friendly websites.
  • Search Engine submission.
  • Keywords and Key Phrase analysis.
  • Current website status analysis.
  • Keyword research & generation.
  • Effective link building.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.
  • Traffic & website performance analysis.
  • Analytics Reports.

ON & OFF Site SEO Activities

  • Content Optimisation.
  • Site validation.
  • Link resource & exchange scheme.
  • Sitemap preparation & submission.
  • Browser Compatibility checking.
  • Search Engine Robot configuration.

  • Directory Submission.
  • Multiple Search Engine Submission.
  • Social Networking, Forum and Blog processing.